“Lo que beneficia a la extrema derecha es la negación de un problema que está a la vista”

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesantísimo artículo del blog de European Council on Foreign Relations sobre los atentados de París:

Let’s not hide behind the conveniently liberal thought that Islam needs more protection in Europe, or that we should commit even further to communitarianism. This path does not lead to any solution, and is perceived only as weakness. The clerics and organizations that abound in Islam should now be put under pressure to reform and police themselves, and they should not only accept but proclaim that they will live by European rules – those of an open and free society – not along a lighter version of sharia and terrorism.

Some will argue that calling the wolf a wolf actually benefits our far right parties, who have often cried wolf. This is not true. What benefits the far right is the denial of a problem which is in plain view. The task ahead is to make Muslims living in Europe – including refugees fresh from the Syrian disaster – conscious that they must make an overt, self-conscious choice to stand unabashedly against an interpretation of Islam that is incompatible with free thinking.

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